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  • CT legal PDW/AOW

  • Available in 9mm

  • Semi-automatic personal defense weapon

  • Detachable magazine

  • Takes Scorpion mags

  • 10rd mag included

  • Ambidextrous safety, mag release,

charging handle


  • All federal and state laws apply.

  • No NFA tax stamp required.

  • Pick up on your pistol permit.

  • Short and long handguard lengths available

  • Sling Mounts

  • Muzzle Brake

  • Multiple Brace Options

  • Folding Brace for AOW and SBR

  • Telescopic Brace for PDW

  • Suppressors

  • Red Dot Sight

  • Telescopic Sight

  • Tactical lights, laser

$1,300.00 Base


Red Planet Arsenal is a weapons manufacturer located in Waterbury, CT.  Our specialty is the design and assembly of popular platforms that retain compliance with State and Federal laws.  We also do weapon customization, repair, transfers, and more!   How can we help you today?
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